Mission Statement

The purpose of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association is to promote and grow Wisconsin's waterborne transportation.

Manitowoc in Port of Green Bay

The Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association (WCPA) was created in 2001 by the municipal commercial ports of Wisconsin. Since then, the membership has grown to include privately operated terminals and port related service providers including engineering firms, construction companies, state and federal government agencies, port service providers, representatives from other modes of transportation and more. The purpose of WCPA is to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experiences as they relate to port management; promote and encourage legislation and regulation on all levels for the good of Wisconsin ports and shipping; promote and encourage the public's understanding of the value of

shipping and the port to the community; and cooperate with all governmental agencies and industry organizations having a primary goal of "Growing Waterborne Transportation in Wisconsin."

WCPA maintains a business office for the transaction of business and the receipt of communications between meetings of the members of the Association or its officers, the location of which is designated by the President of the Association. WCPA has maintained a principal office in Brown County (Port of Green Bay) since 2001. The future address and location of WCPA may change from time to time by action of the Board of Directors. In the absence of such designation, the business office of the Association shall be the same as the business office of the Secretary of the Association or should the President and Secretary so agree, the business office of the President of the Association may be such business office. 


Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association By-Laws