Wisconsin is economically blessed with international waterways on three of its borders with the Great Lakes and Mississippi River. The purpose of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association (WCPA) is to promote and grow waterborne transportation in Wisconsin's 13 port cities. The WCPA wants to increase public awareness of our Port industry and be the main resource for any port or waterborne transportation related issues in Wisconsin.





Moving People and goods by water has history as old and treasured as Wisconsin itself. From the moment Native Americans and French settlers first arrived at Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay, these early inhabitants and explorers recognized our waterways' vast potential. Today, water transportation continues to serve as the most efficient method for moving bulk commodities -- and plays a vital role in the transport of bulk commodities -- and plays a vital role in the transport of heavy machinery, steel, bagged and canned cargo and other good. This website highlights the important role and function of Wisconsin's port facilities and will help potential shippers better understand the unique capabilities and advantages of water transportation.

"While Wisconsin's waterways and harbors are deeply  rooted in our state's history, they continue to play  an important role in the state's economic future." - 2010 WDOT Report